Monday, November 24, 2008

Hope everyone had a great weekend..

I did......

Here it is the week of Thanksgiving... Well Mom, Mona & Dave leave tomorrow for New York City, to spend the week with family and celebrate my Aunt Vonnie and Uncle Rodney's 50th Anniversary.

Have a good day and it is a short week at work for me.....


Brooke - in Oregon said...

It was a good weekend just way to dang short! lol Did a lot of winterizing around here :)

Amber is still trying to Kill me with those exercise tapes!!

Thank heavens for short work weeks

Audrey said...

I hope your Mom and Co. have a great, and safe, trip!

I've been on a cleaning frenzy, even started cleaning out some of my cluttery cabinets. The progress is nice but I am wiped out!!

Enjoy your short week! And have a great Thanksgiving!

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