Thursday, January 31, 2008

Juror # 68 has been called to Active Duty !!


I answered the phone at work yesterday and it was Jackson County Courts looking for Laura P ! " Yes that is me, how can I help you ?" " I see here you are available to come in on Fridays, we would like you to report in this Friday, Feb 1st and will need to finish out the term , every Friday until Feb 29th."

" Thank You. "

Ok, no getting out of that !

And from my orientation last month , I know the "FRIDAY" jurors tour the county jail facilities and fill out reports as to their findings??!!!

AND, OF COURSE ALL OF THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL INFO ! So Laura has to keep her big mouth shut about everything that she does on these Friday's !!

So DON'T ask me anything about it, pretend I am in the secret service........


ldarb said...

ooh..I like secrets:)

Brooke - in Oregon said...

SECRET service!! hee hee you totally crack me up

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