Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 9/22/07

It's a TRAVEL mug for me today !

I am off to Ashland for the ROUTE 5 Scrapbook event. Fourteen hours of scrappin' fun !!!

Started yesterday with a trip to the 4 scrapbook stores sponsoring the event. Ending at my home store "No Bare Pages". Saw lots of familiar faces. Terri and Shirley from Albany came down , met them on the Scrapbook Cruise Robin and I took last year.

Well lots to do to get my stuff ready and meet Brooke & Amber for Scones and coffee ( We carpooled to the different stores) Made a cute project at each of the stores and received a raffle ticket, going to have prizes galore !! Classes with Karen Russell and Courtney DeLaura.

And YES I am surprized that I HAVE NO SCRAPBOOK MUG !!!! Will have to fix that ASAP !!!!!

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Hey! I saw that mug up close and personal today!!

WOW did we have a fabulous time or what!!

BUT I had coffee way to late in the evening and now I will be up FOREVER!!!!

OH well thanks for being a Table mate today :)

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