Saturday, September 8, 2007

"Mug~Shot" 9-8-07

Had to throw in Rob's first day of school (11th grade) picture.

OK now here is my mug from American West Steamboat Co.

September 12,2004 Mom and I were flying to Seattle to spend the night before we were flown to Sitka Alaska for the start of our 12 day cruise of the inside passage. Andy had gotten his job with them in March 2004, spent the summer in Alaska and we were on the the last trip thru Alaska down to Seattle. The ship was relocating back to the Columbia River. We got the most unbelievable "Family discount" we couldn't afford not to take the trip !! It was the trip of a lifetime, just wish dad had been alive to go with us, he had always wanted to see Alaska, I do feel like he was with us in spirit !! Andy spent three seasons working on Empress of the North even fitting in the 5 months for Norwegian's Pride of Hawaii. American West was bought out by Majestic the first of this year and Andy went to work for the Credit Union in Portland. But rumor has it he is thinking of applying for a position on one of the ships that run the Mississippi River....... Do I see a trip in my future????

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Brooke - in Oregon said...

Oh Ya! And I think Andy's Aunt and Uncle here need a trip to!! lol

Glad you got a photo of Mr Robin without a hand across his face! :)

Hey the count down is on!! 12 more days!!

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