Monday, March 12, 2007

OK, got myself a new computer !!

Well back online, yippie, yes I must be a computer addict !!
The big news is I started my new job back at Dr. Leongs office today. There was no doctor or patients today, so eased into it nicely. Also to my surprise, it was "Massage Monday" the massage therapist comes in every Monday and gives everyone a 20 minute massage, Doc pays for it and you don't even clock out!!! After my massage it was time for potluck lunch. Then everyone was done at 1:00 today. Tomarrow start at 7:30 and the hygenist have patients. Doctor back on Wednesday so regular days then & Thursday.
Well lots to do, just wanted to check in, more later. Now just have to set up computer to get back to my photos.

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The Runyans said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. I was hoping that the new job would go smoothly, but hearing that it was Massage Monday I guess it couldn't have gone any smoother:-) I miss you and I hope to see you at a crop sometime. Until then, email and blogs are great.


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