Thursday, March 1, 2007

The" Biggest " Dog I ever saw!!

Was sitting at the computer yesterday and out of the corner of my eye,saw what I thought was "The Biggest Dog" ever, passing VERY close to the window. Well to my relief it was a DEER. Or Several !!! By the time I get my witts about me (because you know that is a PHOTO moment ) I got to the front window to see the whole herd heading down the yard and out to the street. Nice to live in town and still have "Nature" right outside the door.
Also want to thank those of you who have made a donation to MDA for me. As you may know I am "going to jail" for MDA a local fundraiser here. More about that later.
Have a good day.


The Runyans said...

WOW, are you really going to stay overnight or just a few hours. I want more details:-) Doing work within the community is really important. Thanks Laura.


laura P said...

I actually am just going to spend an hour in a "Fake" cell at the Standing Stone Brewery in Ashland. It is more about the fund raising.Did I forward you my MDA Profile page??

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