Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fish Lake

For father's day I decided to go with mom to a few of dad's favorite fishing holes... so we went to Fish Lake for lunch and Mona sent us a text asking us to "skip a rock on the lake for dad" she is really into "skipping rocks on bodies of water" even sent Navy Boy, Dan a rock from home to skip in the Mediterranean...
well anyway we thought that was a great idea and picked up several rocks and headed to the water... problem was , we are not very good at "SKIPPING ROCKS" after several tries, still couldn't get a skip....

so I asked "wonder if "skipping" to "throw" the rock was the same thing????

We decided it was... and had a good laugh out of it. MISS YOU DAD !!!

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Janie aka Jane, Juana said...

Skipping not the same as throwing.

I find it funny that Phyllis is holding her purse - lol.

Very nice, Laura. Was it just the two of you?

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