Tuesday, October 20, 2009

trip to Boise

Chadd's son Dj had surgery on Thursday to place a bone graff in his palate, well we didn't find out until he was IN surgery that morning. The ex never told us the exact date of his surgery and we couldn't reach anyone for a week prior....

Well anyway C was beside himself wanting to be there, so we decided to drive over for the weekend. left at around 3:00 pm friday when he got off work. Drove to bend for the night. I looked online and found a place near downtown called The Mill Inn, looked good so booked it. Easy to find, on Mill St !! Well turned out to be a B&B/ Boarding House??!! price was ok and room was clean with a bathroom.... so decided to stay. walked downtown to find a bite to eat and realized there was a McMenamins, the Old St Francis School.. Pub, hotel,etc wish we had known. Ate dinner out on the heated patio, looked around the place ( they have a walking tour map) so interesting. No rooms for the night but keeping it in mind for another trip.

Hit the road early after a good breakfast, lots of driving...... very different landscape a few pit stops and arrived in Boise at 3:00. Went to C's ex inlaws and the kids were dropped off. Dj was having more pain from the hip site where the bone graff was taken than his mouth. But everyone wanted to go eat at The Cracker Barrel. Dj however could only have stuff he could drink.... so Rootbeer and mashed potatoes ! the waitress was so helpful blending the mashed with more milk to make them drinkable, and threw in some applesause. After dinner he was getting pretty tired so dropped him at home for more pain meds and a good night sleep. Leslieann came to the motel with us and we hit the pool and hot tub. Great nights sleep ( exaustion??) continental breakfast and her papa picked her up at 8:00am and back on the road....... drive didn't seem as bad as we thought. Where there were trees the fall colors were beautiful... and even stopping at Burns for a Mc Donalds lunch we made it home at 5:30... Was a good trip for C and the kids, they needed to see eachother. They will be here for the week before Christmas this year, looking forward to it.

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