Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Shirley Valentine"

At the Oregon Stageworks Theater in Ashland, playing thru the middle of July on Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Mondays. Tickets cost $15 anyone interested in going with me??? I have seen the movie and loved it..... Let me know and any dates that might work for you...


Janie aka Jane, Juana said...

I saw that and was wondering if anyone wanted to go, count me in. I will be busy the weekend of July 11th - lol!!!! Also have the crop on June 27th (birthday crop) and
June 26th celebrating the big

Audrey said...

Sounds fun, I'll go! My availability is pretty much the same as Janie's.

Anonymous said...

Got a laptop finally...and this is my first comment! Don't you feel honored? :) I saw the play in Victoria BC in 1991 and it was FABULOUS. Loved it...and so, yes, I'd like to go. My schedule is kinda all over the if I'm in the minority for a certain night then I'll have to miss out..but hopefully it'll work out. Sunday nights would work best for me.

Marna the ghost monkey....instead of the ghost writer... :)

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